Khym sets up perfectly

Future Head Coach

Liam and Izzy love our Tennis Camps

It was a hot day

Mr Cool

Happy kids preparing the ground for our swimming pool

Junior Champion 2014 Jude Foster

Ladies Club Singles Champion 2014 Jo Evans, and Runner Up Brenda Strachan

The coach in 2001

Andrew sets up

Men's Doubles Champions 2014 Adam Perrier & Evan Fulton Runner's Up Robert Taylor & Andrew List

Roger demands attention

If the pro tennis thing doesn't work out Kerstan and Harry are prepared for a future as male models

Ashley and Khym are determined to master the continental grip

Skipping champs Ainslie and Megan

It was a good workout

Tennis camp

Assistant coach

Friday afternoons are always fun

Luka and friend enjoy food

Head Coach hard at work as usual

Students of excellence

Samuel Shellard demonstrates the forward backward twist with a half turn. Degree of difficulty 3.7

Where are they now?

Where are they now?

7 tennis coaches 1 hotel manager 4 financial geniuses 1 male model

Bruce tells Henri the French are crap at tennis

Henri tells the guys what Bruce said

Marty had a big forehand


Midgets with birds

Their favourite coach

Brad Millman serving king

Beauty and the Beast